Friday, 17 May 2013

Clerkenwell design week

I'm very excited to announce that my first interior fabric design available by the metre, 'Forest', will be launching at Clerkenwell design week next week through Virginia White.

The print is created from a meticulously hand painted and screen printed silk original that has been scanned in and printed digitally with dyes onto 100% linen. This process means it can be ordered in quantity yet very much retains the inky colours and handcrafted feel. 

It has taken me the best part of two months to create- from hand cutting out the stencils to painting in the colours, scanning it in piece by piece and recolouring and trialing, but I am very pleased with how it has finally come out.
The final digital print up close

'Winter' colourway
'Spring' colour way
(Click for larger images)

Virginia White will be displaying the fabric as all over wall panelling for the stand as well as lampshades and cushions alongside her furniture collection. There are two colourways (Spring and Winter) and wall paper is in the pipeline. 

Contact for more info, prices, or for a swatch or A5 postcard of either of the colourways.

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  1. the fabrics are just amazing!!! love the colours, shapes, composition, congrats!:)