Wednesday, 29 August 2018

available for teaching

Hello! I'm back! Guess what I also teach! Here are some muddled pictures I took during some of the workshops I have run. I have run workshops at all sorts of places including museums such as the Estorick collection, charities/ studios for adults with learning difficulties such as Intoart, retailers and events such as with Burberry and the New Craftsmen and hen parties and birthdays, often in my studio 'Birdsmouth studios' in Tottenham and childrens after school ceramic classes. This is only a small selection of images, I am hoping to dig a few more out.

 I take no credit for how brilliant the work is, none of this is my own, but I hope it shows some of the techniques possible. They range from screen printing, monoprinting, photograms, cyanotypes, blockprinting, ceramics, and more immersive/ conceptual ideas such as the archeology workshop run with Offset Studios for the Mark Dion show at the Whitechapel and the Bread sculpture parties  I run at Birdsmouth studios with Eva Freeman. Do contact me if you are interested in finding out more. I love teaching and I am currently available to pick up some more work in this vein.  

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